As the co-founder and Program Director of Geekcorps , a dot-org which brings high-tech experts to the developing world, Elisa was at the vanguard of the movement to bridge the international digital divide. In the first year of Geekcorps' existence, Elisa was involved in all aspects of Geekcorps and particularly active in program development. She designed and built the Geekcorps program, established and oversaw Geekcorps' Ghana office and Ghana-based program staff, and recruited companies and tech-experts for the pilot program.

As the organization grew, Elisa role shifted to managing international staff, program supervision and evaluation, researching and building new program opportunities, and helping out with publicity. Before Elisa left Geekcorps, she was instrumental in launching the relationship between Geekcorps and the International Executive Service Corps , a USAID funded organization that merged with Geekcorps in mid-2001. Geekcorps is in the process of expanding its program to other countries. MORE.